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Certified Family Law Specialist, State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

  • Gregory P. Falk, Attorney at Law
  • Gregory P. Falk, Attorney at Law
  • Gregory P. Falk, Attorney at Law

Bakersfield Divorce Attorney Offers Specialized Service

Gregory P. Falk, Attorney at Law is dedicated to representing Kern County residents in complex family law matters, including mediation and litigation. Over the course of  35 years, our law firm has built a solid reputation for sound legal counsel in all matters relating to:

  • Complex Community Property Issues
  • Family Law Appeals
  • Restraining Orders
  • Modifications of Custody and Support


A recognized Specialist in a crowded field
Gregory P. Falk, Attorney at Law, is a Certified Family Law Specialist.  At our firm we can ease the stress of your divorce, custody or child support case in two important ways. First, we strive to get you a fair result. A fair result means that your assets are evenly divided, support is set at the right amount based upon all relevant facts and your relationship with your children is preserved. Ideally these results can be negotiated, but if the other side is unreasonable, we are tough, experienced advocates who will not back down. Second, we try to keep your legal costs low by doing things right the first time, moving your case forward until completion and considering at all times if the results will justify the dollars spent.We only do family law; divorce, alimony, custody and visitation, child support and other family law issues. That’s all we have done for more than 20 years. Some lawyers think they can do many different types of law and still successfully represent their clients. We have found that lawyers who do not focus their efforts are at a disadvantage in the family law courtroom. The law changes, judges rotate in and out, and you need a lawyer who is on top of the latest developments. This is true even in a relatively simple case.

One of the ways we can best help you is by the advice we give you from the beginning of your case. We know when you have to proceed immediately, and when it is best to wait until matters are more in your favor.  Whether a family law emergency arises or tactical planning is in order, you want an attorney who can provide sage advice. On matters that strike at the heart of your family life, you want the best possible representation. Attorney Gregory P. Falk is board-certified as a Family Law Specialist by the California State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization. Our firm offers a full range of legal services, including pretrial motions, negotiated settlements and litigation when issues cannot be resolved through negotiations. We also handle appeals in family law cases in the Fifth Appellate District (Fresno). When you engage our firm, you can rest assured that we stay with you through every phase of the legal process.  We strive to help you understand the complexities of family law issues.

Skilled and experienced family law mediator
Our firm offers mediation in family law and related issues. Attorney Gregory P. Falk is a graduate of Mosten Mediation Training, one of the premier mediation training programs in the world. Mediation allows parties to resolve their legal differences under the guidance of a neutral party while avoiding the often nasty and vitriolic confrontation of courtroom litigation. Mediation can take place with or without attorneys, as the participants desire. Our firm supports the mediation process as either the neutral mediator for both parties or as counsel for one of the parties during mediation.

Contact a family law specialist in the heart of Kern County
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Gregory P. Falk is conveniently located in Bakersfield and serves clients throughout Kern County.


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